Decoration Engineering
Decoration Engineering Service Introduction一、Qualification and Grading    To possess first grade qualification of decoration engineering, has under it decoration engineering branch company. At the same time, the company owns holding company—Weifang Yuangang Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd which has first grade qualification.二、Construction Capability    To undertake outdoor and indoor decoration of various buildings, mainly deal with high-level indoor and outdoor decoration for hotels, restaurants, shops, offices, entertainment venues and pseudo-classic buildings, and own the capacity of providing design, construction complete installation for customers.三、Representative Projects   20000 square meters decoration engineering for Weifang Hotel with four- star; 6500 square meters decoration engineering for Weifang Municipal Authority Comprehensive Office Block; 16000 square meters decoration engineering for Weifang TV Center; 18000 square meters psuedo-classic building decoration engineering for Weifang Museum, etc.