International Economic and Tec
International Economic and Technical Cooperation Service Introduction
    The group possesses contract right for foreign economic and technical cooperation, mainly deals with foreign economic and technical cooperation, foreign engineering and international bidding engineering, labors dispatch to other countries. In addition, the company has broad development space in the fields of garment, textile, electronics, machining, aquatic products, food processing, breeding and farming.   
       Since gaining contract right for foreign economic and technical cooperation in 1995, the company has successively contracted to build 17 foreign projects, such as, national stadium in Guinea-Bissau, Seed promotion station in Mongolia and Guyana office building and so on, finishing contract value of over 0.119 billion US dollars and turnover of 77 million US dollars; sent 3700 labors to over 20 countries, such as, Israel, Korea, Japan, The United Arab Emirates, Singapore and so on; actively negotiated with the enterprises in Sudan, Germany, Malaysia and Angola to establish different- level multi-channel business network.    
      Through many years effort, the company has opened broad international business market, saved deep international business strength, and gained obvious results, awarding the titles of  “ Labor dispatch advanced unit in Shandong Province” , “Weifang foreign economic work advanced work”, and “foreign affairs work advanced unit” many times.

   Part of overseas projects
National Stadium Construction Sites of Guinea-Bissau

Construction Project of Israel
International Contacts
           Business talk with Moscow Kashira Corporation     Business talk with Germany Marx borg Construction Group