Management idea: people oriented, high efficiency, fine benefit, scientific advance

From the management of "object" to "the management of people" is a leap in the history of management. Chang's people-oriented, as follows: through the management of the people to achieve the management of the industry, respect for employees. No rank and no employee personality. To make everyone know how to do and how to do, to achieve their maximum value and potential, to mobilize all human resources. Chang about management system of humanism and the pursuit of the working conditions of humanism and competition of humanism and humanistic development, let the enthusiasm of the staff work happily.Improve work efficiency is an important way to improve the management level. The efficiency has been improved, and the efficiency of management has been brought into play. In addition to the fine and rigorous attitude, the management of the big horizontal do edge, vertical do in the end, no blind spot.Scientific advance is not only an attitude, but also a method. The management goal is to realize modernization. The symbol of modernization is information sharing, network speed, digital exchange. To do this, Chang adults have to do a lot, to enhance the awareness of modern management, palm science and technology skills, recognize, do.Priority is given to the purpose of management. Whether it is the people of this view, efficient fine, or scientific advance, is to serve the benefit goal, pay close attention to the current benefits, long-term benefits.